The meal obtained as a result of processing corn in the production of ethanol is called DDGS.

  • The pulp obtained as a result of processing the corn in ethanol production is called as DDGS (Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles).
  • Production is carried out according to TS 13451/T1 Animal Feeds - Dried Distilled Grains with Solubles standard.
  • Our product contains high amount of energy and protein. It has a GOLD color and has a very nice and fermented odor.
  • Our product does not contain any substances that may cause toxic effects.
  • All the corn used in our DDGS production is met from domestic production. Therefore, there is no GMO content in our product.
  • Our product having a rich nutrient content, can be used for a long time provided that it is stored under suitable storage conditions.