Integrated Management System Policy

As TEZKİM Tarımsal Kimya A.Ş. management, we undertake the following as our integrated management policy,

  • To carry out work that respects those working within their body, protects their rights, prioritizes humanitarian values, provides a happy and peaceful working environment,
  •  To be an exemplary establishment that respects the environment, contributes to the country’s economy by committing all work necessary for the solution of negative environmental effects,
  •  To reach the best quality in its products by prioritizing the environment and human health,
  •  To act in alignment with all local and international laws, legislations and standards regarding health and safety at work and the environment and to provide a safe environment,
  •  To provide the continuous improvement of integrated management system,
  •  To reach solutions in the fastest way by being prepared for all negativities in advance with reviews and considerations and to rectify the inconvenience at the soonest possible time,
  •  To increase productivity providing the necessary resources in order to reach the specified targets,
  •  To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by displaying a performance beyond the customer expectations with the service provided and the products produced,
  •  To increase the profitability of the establishment using the developing technology,
  •  To perform business with the minimum possible use of energy attaching importance to energy productivity and energy conservation,
  •  To keep employee satisfaction at the highest level with the strong financial structure and the family – like working environment,
  •  To place emphasis on training and group work in order to develop the competences of all employees,
  •  To generate quality awareness in all individuals at the establishment in order to raise awareness
  • To proceed on the road for institutionalization specifying all processes and to emplace sense of responsibility.

Energy Management System Policy

Moving from the fact that our country has scarce energy resources and due to the reason that we are a market player and as TEZKİM Tarımsal Kimya A.Ş. we undertake the following as our energy management system policy;

  • To protect the nature and the environment by using energy efficiently,
  •  To help the energy management system gain a systematic and sustainable structure,
  •  In order to reach the aims and targets of the energy management system, to provide the necessary human and financial resources by supporting the energy efficiency activities and to control these targets in certain periods,
  •  To follow up current technological developments in order to continuously improve the energy performance and to implement the possible projections for development by supporting them,
  •  To provide the necessary training for all our employees to become a part of the energy management system and to raise awareness of this issue,
  •  To provide the sustainability of the system by conforming to all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.


As TEZKİM Tarımsal Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş Carbon Dioxide and Citric Acid producer, we undertake the following as our food safety management system policy,

  • To conform to all specified laws, standards and legislations,
  •  To establish, sustain and review with certain intervals the system that will eliminate the errors and dangers jeopardizing human health in the processes from raw material intake to the final product,
  •  To meet the needs and demands of customers by taking food safety conditions in consideration,
  •  To provide product safety at all times and to offer high quality products,
  •  To carry out production in hygienic conditions and environment within the framework of certain targets,
  •  To keep the employees responsible for food safety management system from the raw material to sales at every level of production, to carry out continuous training activities for the staff to inform them about the security of the facilities and food defense and to raise their awareness of this issue and to have the employees adopt the culture of food safety and implement it,
  •  To carry out the manufacturing at our production facilities using our quality and functional resources that are equipped with advance technologies in the most efficient way,
  •  To follow up our food safety management system with the most effective methods and to continuously improve it with measurable targets and to review it in certain periods,
  •  Not to use counterfeited or adulterated materials as production input and not to implement counterfeit or adulteration in our products,
  •  To provide that all statements for all relevant parties are true and lawful,
  •  To provide regular training for our employees providing all necessary resources and to improve the established system and quality.